Making great wine is hard

We believe the world’s best wines speak with integrity about the place and people that produced them. We worked with MIT scientists to study how wild yeasts transform fresh fruit into our ideal glass of wine, and tracked backwards to create the perfect environment for Mother Nature to do her thing. That’s why we dry farm organically, pick ripe, use whole-cluster grapes and refuse to add synthetic ingredients.

But sharing it shouldn’t be

Our wine is for people, not critics. Everyday moments, not white tablecloths. We’re passionate about exploding the myth that great wine is out of reach by delivering it right to your doorstep — no middlemen, no snobbery, no markups.

Let’s drink it with joy

We'd never pretend to drink wine for hints of leather or notes of Edam cheese. We drink it because it's delicious, it heightens our senses, and it makes everything sexier. (That, and we love the buzz.)